VLM Memorial Saddle™

The VLM Memorial Saddle™ is a specially designed and fully tested concrete device that allows neat and secure placement of a memorial stone directly into the ground.

After securely attaching the memorial stone, the saddle can be covered with earth, turf, or other permitted decorative finish, allowing the memorial to stand firmly upright, and to fit tidily into its surroundings.

After being the main supplier of concrete saddles to the CWGC for several years, Valerie Leverett designed the VLM Memorial Saddle™ specially to prevent the memorial stone being pushed over, either by accident or vandalism.  Valerie Leverett holds full design and manufacturing copyrights © 2002.

Valerie Leverett Memorials is the sole supplier of the VLM Memorial Saddle™ to Harrogate Cemetery and would welcome enquiries from other authorities interested in this innovative solution for secure, safe headstone placement.

For further information please email:

val@valerieleverett.co.uk  or valandrichard@talktalk.net

Willow Farm, Leasingham Lane, Ruskington, Sleaford, Lincs. NG34 9AH

or telephone  01526 268086