I collect contact information to allow paperwork to be sent to you and the relevant Burial Authority and to my workshop in case there is a problem and they need to contact you.

The information is always obtained manually, by phone, email, letter or face to face.  The host of this site collects cookies on your visit (along with just about every othersite you visit) so I would recommend you regularly clear your computer/tablet/phone cache to remove the pesky little blighters! I have set it to show a banner so you are aware of the cookies and can reset things at your end but I am unable to prevent them I am afraid.

It is retained on my system to allow for additional inscriptions etc. and is only accessed if you contact me for any future queries or work.

I never share your information with third parties (with the exception of the Burial Authority and my workshop as stated above) I do not sell to mailing lists or similar and I do not send out spam.

If you wish to have the record of your order deleted once work is complete please let me know and I will remove all relevant details.

I never send out marketing messages so you do not have to worry about opting out.

This privacy policy has been written to comply with GDPR and by using this site and/or contacting me you are giving your permission for me to collect all relevant information. Basically this means I will ask for your name, address, phone and email, along with the relevant information on your departed loved one/s.  I will never ask for your date of birth, national insurance number, bank details or any other personal information that I would not be comfortable giving out myself!

Thank you for reading this policy, please also take a quick look at my Terms of Service page, again to comply with GDPR regulations - make yourself a cuppa first though, so it is not all a total waste of time...  Val